30 Day Writing Challenge | Day 23

Day 23: Write a letter to someone, anyone.


Dear Future Husband,

How are you? Wonderful I hope. I haven’t met you yet, but I hope I do someday soon. Are you the prince charming I dreamt of as a child? Are you Matthew Gray Gubler? Probably not. That’s okay. I obviously love you anyway. Even though I don’t know you yet, I think of you often. I think of how my life could be. Will I still live here in Missouri? Is that where you are from? I don’t know anything about you yet. I don’t know what your sibling’s names are, or if you even have any. I don’t know what your favorite color is, or if you love chocolate as much as me. I don’t know how tall you are, but I do hope I managed to find someone taller than me, that would be lovely, but if you aren’t, that’s fine too. I obviously love you anyway. Do you like to read as much as I do? Do you love your family? Are you a cat person or a dog person? Did you let me have the nerdy wedding of my dreams? Was it the wedding of your dreams as well? I have so many questions for you, ones that I’m sure you have for me as well.

You know that Meghan Trainor song, “Dear Future Husband”? I hate that song. This letter will be nothing like that. I don’t have all these requirements for you or expectations of those sorts for you, but there are some things I hope you are able to do for me. I hope you’re faithful. I’ve seen what cheating can do to a family, and I don’t want to go through it. Please be a good man, though I’m sure you are, I mean, I married you, you must be good. I hope you’re understanding. You must be if you decided to settle down with me. There’s no way you could survive a relationship with me without being understanding. I hope you will treat me the way I should be treated, with kindness and respect, just as I will always do the same for you. I hope you’re a good father. I don’t know if we’ll have our own kids, or if we’ll adopt, but I hope you teach our children all the right things in life. I hope you’ll teach our sons to be good men, giving them the best example to follow. And I hope you’ll show our daughters just how they should be treated. And I hope together, we can instill the best values in our children, and show them all the love and kindness, and sometimes firmness, that we have to offer them. I hope we can teach them to live their lives without hate, and teach them that everyone deserves their best chance in life to be happy, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality; I hope we teach them that people are people, and love is love. I don’t expect you to treat me like a princess everyday of our lives, though that would be nice once in a while, everyone wants to feel special, but I do hope you always treat me like a human being. I hope you value the things I do in life, and I hope you love every part of me, the good and the bad, just as I will of you.

I hope you’re the kind of man that doesn’t base his love on my appearance. I hope you’ll love me no matter how big or small I am, and will support me through any changes that happen in my life, just as I will for you. I hope you’ll be there for me if I get sick, and will hold my hand through any hard times, just as I will for you.

There’s so much I want to say to you, to a man I’ve never met. But I suppose it all can be summed up in three words; I love you. I must do, if I’m marrying you. Do you love me too? Let’s hope so, because you’re stuck with me. I don’t want to be in the percentage of marriages that fail. I want mine to last. So any fights, any bumps in the road, any hardships, I hope we can always remember our love for one another, and that we can work through anything and everything. Love is hard work, but it’s worth it. I hope you let me name our children the names I’ve always wanted, I hope you let me pick the music in the car, I hope you give me foot rubs when I’m feeling upset because that always makes me feel better, I hope you hug me when I’m angry to calm me down, I hope you tell me when I’m acting crazy to help me see straight again, I hope we love each other unconditionally because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

When we’re old and gray, and our kids have moved on, I hope we still feel the same love for each other that we felt on our wedding day, more love if possible. I hope we grow old together. I hope I can make you happy.

I can’t wait to meet you someday, hopefully soon, I’m sure you will be everything I never knew I wanted in a man.


Your Future Wife

30 Day Writing Challenge | Day 4

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

 I’m lucky in life. Mostly because there has never been a shortage of people to look up to and draw inspiration from. There are hundreds of people in this world that have shaped not only the world and lives around me, but they’ve shaped me as well. They’ve shaped my beliefs, my dreams, and my perspective, and I am beyond grateful for that. As a female, I was often shown things about inspirational women and important women in history, and in first grade I was given a picture book about the First Ladies of America and I was introduced to Eleanor Roosevelt.


There are plenty of people that inspire me but Eleanor Roosevelt has always been someone special. She was a woman that believed in dreams. She believed in the world and all the good that people could do. In her time as first lady, married to Franklin D. Roosevelt, from 1933-1945, she worked tirelessly to fight for human rights and civil rights, and continued to do so for years after her time in the white house. I’ve always been enamored with Eleanor Roosevelt because she knew who she was.  She had a concrete sense of herself, her place in the world, the importance of humanity, and the knowledge that everyone has inherent worth to the world. Because she was the one who taught others, that “no one can make you feel inferior without your permission”. There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible I think this woman was. She never based her self worth on her looks or on anything else that women of that era would have, she focused on bettering the world and succeeded in making it a better place when she left it than what it was when she arrived.

This may be the most poorly written post I ever put up on this blog, but I’m just not sure what to say. How do you convey how important a person you’ve never met is to you? I could sit here and go on and on about all of her accomplishments and all of the amazing things she did in her life, but I won’t. Instead I’ll leave you with a short video that may show you a little insight into why this woman inspires me so greatly. I love everything that she stood for, and everything that she did for those around her. She was a selfless person that never let anything stand in her way and that is something that everyone should strive to be.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

I hope you’re doing well, where ever you are in the world, and I wish you all the best.

-Lexie Xx