Sleepy Sundays | Why I love Doctor Who


Once again, I’m laying in bed, but this time I’ve even been too lazy to get up and get a drink yet. I desperately want a cup of tea but I can’t muster up the energy to move. If you could teleport some tea, with one sugar and a splash of milk, and maybe a muffin or something as well over to me, I’d really appreciate it. Aside from that, there hasn’t been much going on. I’ve spent as much time as possible at home relaxing this weekend, as I have a huge job interview bright and early tomorrow, one that I am absolutely terrified for, but I don’t want to get into that right now. Right now, lets talk about something that makes me happy. I was looking through the results of my poll that I posted the other day asking everyone what they’d like to see out of this blog, and someone mentioned Doctor Who. A subject that I’ve mentioned once or twice in a post or two, but have never really gotten into here on this blog.

Doctor Who wasn’t always a part of my life, I’ll admit it. I’m from America, we didn’t have classic Doctor Who playing here, at least not that I ever saw, so I was only introduced to it when Christopher Eccleston came on the scene as the Ninth Doctor 10 years ago. Yes, I’m one of “those” people, the ones that aren’t “original” Doctor Who fans, but I feel like a lot of people are like that, and it’s totally fine. I caught the flu a year ago and was down for the count for over a week, and that was the moment that I decided to take the time to go back through the Classic Doctor Who episodes available to me on Netflix (lets also just recognize the beauty that is netflix for a second, such an amazing thing). So after that moment, I could officially say that I had seen every episode of Doctor Who and finally understood why everyone loves the Fourth Doctor so very much.

Its difficult to even explain why I love Doctor Who so much. I guess I love it because it reminds me that its okay to dream, and to have an imagination, even though I’m not a child anymore. It lets me stay a child at heart, and that is so incredible. You get to see things that you’ve never dreamt of, and explore worlds that you desperately wish were real (and some that you’re really glad aren’t real). It has this wonderful sense of adventure in everything that happens, from the beautiful and magical parts, to the horrible and sad ones, it always keeps you hooked, and when it’s over I always feel like I’ve gone on this incredible journey with them, even though I’ve never left my couch, and I think it’s clear with this blog how much I love adventure.

Craig Ferguson described it perfectly once when he said that Doctor Who celebrates “the victory of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.” Doctor Who speaks to the best of humanity. It shows that we are capable of love, understanding, nobility, courage, strength, and so much more, and though the show is just that, a show; it still shows us what we should strive for. The Doctor doesn’t care if you’re white or black, or if you’re gay or straight, he doesn’t care if you’re young or old, he just cares that you’re good, and that you can represent the best of humanity with your own actions and your own choices.

I think the biggest thing about Doctor Who that has always stood out to me was that the Doctor never gave up, after all the struggles, loss, pain, fear, torment, everything, he kept going. Even if this isn’t real, and is just a  science fiction show, a children’s show as some call it, I think everyone can learn from this point alone. If he didn’t give up after losing his entire planet, after watching the people he loved die countless times, after encountering enemy after enemy, why should any of us give up in our own lives?

This is one corner, of one country, in one continent, on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond. And there is so much, so much to see.” – The Doctor

I hope you’re doing well, where ever you are in the world, and I wish you all the best.

-Lexie Xx

16 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays | Why I love Doctor Who

  1. The Doctor has been playing in the U.S. since I was a kid…back in he early 80s ☺️ I’ve been a fan since the fourth doctor, which btw you’ll see Matt Smith gets his goofieness from which I love. The fourth doctor also started the trend of giving each doctor an iconic look. It’ll be a sad day when the show reaches the end of the lifespan of the Doctor 😕

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    1. Sadly here where I live I never saw it on television. But we also didn’t have cable when I was a kid, couldn’t afford it and what not. But I love that I can see it on TV anytime now! They’re also playing it on one of the Disney channels here now (which I don’t think is a very good thing) so I’ve noticed more kids getting into it as well. 🙂 I do hope that the end doesn’t come any time soon! I wish I would have had the chance to love Doctor Who earlier in life, what a wonderful thing that would have been. 🙂

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      1. The doctor will leave an impression on anyone 🙂 no matter which doctor. I prefer David tenant and Rose, the love story that never was 😢. And of course the Ponds, best love story in time…literally 😁

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      2. I loved those two together. And loved Amy and Rory as well. 🙂 I do have to admit it took me quite a while to get used to Clara though, and I’m excited to see a new companion or two come along in the near future (hopefully)!

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    1. I had the biggest crush on Ten. Such a cutie. And I can’t help but swoon over David Tennant in Broadchurch as well, I get all weak in the knees when he is able to talk with his real accent. 😉 Haha 🙂

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  2. My first exposure to Dr. Who was back in the mid ’70s when I lived in England for a couple of years. Tom Baker was the Doctor, and I rather enjoyed him. But then I saw some episodes with Jon Pertwee. Now HE was a great Doctor, my favorite.

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  3. I’ve always been curious about this show, but felt it was too late to get into it. But with Netflix, maybe it isn’t! Also, job interviews are the worst, but good luck on yours tomorrow!

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  4. So you did! I wholeheartedly agree. The Doctor never gives up. It’s both his greatest strength and his greatest fault. (In a way he’s a lot like Daredevil but that’s a story for another day) Thing is, I never give up. I was introduced to the show in 2013 and shotgunned it to be able to watch the 50th in Times Square ( was SO worth it). One of my favorite episodes is The Rings of Akhaten. Smiths speech resonated with me because when you never stop, and never quit on people, it can be both the most rewarding and most taxing way of existence. But it’s worth it. (Also, I believe you have to be stubborn to thrive in the world of love)

    Awesome writing and great post 🙂

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    1. That was such a beautiful monologue. I watch that episode every so often just for that part! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! It’s funny how a simple television show can bring so much to a person’s life.


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